How To Prevent Mold Growth In Your Home In 4 Easy Ways

Needless to say, homeowners have good reason to shudder whenever they hear that their households may be infected with mold. Mold can wreck not only your health, but your finances as well, with an extensive mold remediation capable of reaching five figures. And while many may not realize it, mold exposure is common both inside and outside the home.

Some people, especially those with asthma and allergies, are more sensitive than others and because mold spores are quite small and can easily be inhaled into the lungs, it is harmful to live in a household with high mold levels. Since fixing mold damage can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor, here is how to prevent mold growth in your home in 4 easy ways as follows:

1. Keep your household dry
Moisture can find its way into your household very easily, and finding a way to eradicate this moisture is a vital step in preventing mold growth in your house. To this end, make sure that you are constantly checking areas that may frequently collect condensation or water. Crawl spaces, windows, water tanks, refrigerators, and even house plants are all places for water to collect and inevitably, mold to grow. It is thus important to quickly dry moisture found in these places and carry out the requisite maintenance in order to ensure that no further moisture settles.

2. Proper ventilation
Another major step in the prevention of mold growth is to ensure that your house is properly ventilated at all times. This helps prevent humid air from getting trapped indoors and providing conducive conditions for mold growth. Adequate airflow can help to cut back on moisture and should dry any wet areas around your house more quickly. Therefore, optimize ventilation by making sure that your vents are not blocked.

3. Check humidity level
As intimated earlier, humidity is a breeding ground for mold and because it often causes condensation, moisture is able to manifest in your household, with the dampness taking much longer due to wet air. Exposing your indoor air to excessively humid weather and rain can cause a surge in mold growth, along with air-conditioning systems that artificially cool and heat your home. It is thus advisable to always be on the look-out for things like puddles and condensation in areas such as walls, windows, and doors caused by humid air settling into your house. You could also go the extra step and invest in a humidity monitor that ensures that humidity levels are kept low enough to prevent mold growth.

4. Channel outside moisture away from your house
When working to prevent mold growth, do not forget outside moisture. Precipitation that collects on your gutters, roof, and foundation could be responsible for the mold problems you may be experiencing. Finding a way to direct this moisture away from your household’s exterior is a great way of preventing mold. Clean the gutters, fix leaky roofs, and keep large puddles away from your foundation.

Since mold growth can be promoted by various unlikely causes, use the above tips to help prevent it in your home and should the issue persist, seek professional help.