What Is A Public Adjuster And What Do They Do?

Ownership of property comes with significant risk. It’s important for a property owner to ensure their investment is protected in the event of losses, damage or an accident.

As much as an insurance policy may serve to protect property owners from losses, filing a claim can be an uphill task. Filling a claim can be a complicated and time consuming process that requires you to have vast experience and knowledge. Moreover, insurance companies require the property owner to prove losses in their language. This is where a public insurance adjuster comes in to save the day as an aid to the policy holder.

A public adjuster role is to help insurance policy holders to prepare, file and negotiate insurance claims. Licensed public adjusters are hired by property owners to represent their best interest in property claims.
A public adjuster is an important liaison between an insurance company and clients, and often take on an investigative role to gather evidence to be used in filling claims. In the event of property damage, it’s the role of a public adjuster to assess the losses and help the property owner get the deserved compensation.

What are some of the duties of a public adjuster?

Filing claims:
Insurance policies are often complicated and can easily be misinterpreted resulting in delay, denial or underpayment of a claim. These professionals calculate things like depreciation, actual cash value, and replacement costs. They are familiar with all procedures and insurance codes in various states. They also understand the language of the policy and will negotiate with the insurer on behalf of the client. The expert guides clients with regard to the proper procedures in filing a claim and documenting expenses in case a claim is denied.

They help clients to save time:
Nothing can consume a property owner’s time like engaging in a property damage claim process. Insurance companies are known to demand for a lot of information and documents from homeowners or commercial property owners. A public adjuster comes in to organize and manage a client’s claim and help them minimize the time spent dealing with all the claim issues. This frees up time for clients to deal with other important activities.

Protect the rights of a client:
A professional public adjuster understands insurance laws and the company’s compensation policy better. They can therefore document and value a claim to give a client an advantage in case the claim is delayed, denied or underpaid.

Expedite resolution of claims:
A public adjuster understands how to organize a claim, the paperwork needed, and the language to be used when communicating with an insurance company to avoid repeated requests for additional information, hasten the claims process and get repairs underway faster. The paperwork involved in a claim process is usually complicated and overwhelming to policyholders. A public adjuster helps clients to understand this paperwork and include all supporting documents. More often, the insurer takes advantage of a missing document or incomplete information to delay the process or even denial a claim. A public adjuster ensures a claim is filed properly and within minimum delay.

A public adjuster helps clients in claim negotiation. The professional will be at the forefront when dealing with an insurance company. This gives a client the much needed peace of mind knowing that the claim is being handled by a knowledgeable and experienced professional.

Working with a qualified and licensed public adjuster makes good, practical and financial sense as a client will be assured of a positive claims outcome.

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