What You Need To know About Lightning Damage And Your Property Insurance Claim

Storms are inevitable. Heavy storms with lightning may end up causing a havoc if it strikes your home. This is very risky because, lightning is basically electricity. Electricity has the capacity to tear your home apart and make you incur losses through severe property damage. These are what we call acts of God, lightning can strike anywhere and anytime.

It is relatively important that you take extra precautionary measures. This means that apart from installing lightening arresters at your house, you need to also take a comprehensive insurance cover against lightning loss and property damage. Here are a few things that you need to know about lightning and your property insurance claim.

What are the most common property damages caused by lightning?
Lighting has the potential to cause more damage to your property than what can be seen with the naked eye. For instance, once lightning strikes a particular house, it can create a power surge. This sudden power surge that is created as a result of lightning may end up causing an imbalance in the electricity voltage of the lightning-struck house. This may cause damage and loss in the house because the power surge will affect the entire home and all electrical appliances that are plugged in the sockets. Consequently, this may cause your electrical devices to be negatively affected in a matter of seconds. This is one of the property damages that lightning causes because in 99% of the cases, the electronics are unable to handle the sudden power surge.

What will your insurance policy cover?

Personal property
Your home insurance policy will cover the loss to some extent. Majority of the policies tend to cover your personal property. This will benefit you because you get to be compensated in respect of damage or loss incurred in respect of property that you personally own. This will only be able to compensate you up to the limit of the cover.

Electrical appliances and devices
Your insurance cover may also cover your home in respect of your electrical appliances that have been damaged by the lightning causing the sudden power surge. When taking out the insurance policy, disclose all the items that can possibly be affected by lightning. The insurance company will need to see documents that prove that you are the sufficient owner of the electrical appliances. Read the policy proposal well and keenly to see whether they exclude lighting damage caused by power surges.

In a nutshell, storms carrying lighting are inevitable and natural. If your home was hit by lightning it can very complicated when it comes to fully understanding what your insurance covers. We specialize in guiding you through the process so that you can get the maximum amount you are legally owed from your insurance provider.

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