What You Need To Know About Fire Damage Insurance Claims

One of the hardest issues a homeowner can face is a house fire. Even if the fire injured no one in the family, so many problems flow from the alarm to the fire department that your house is burning that it is hard to keep track of them. For example, let’s say a fire causes significant damage to rooms on the second floor. Of course, the fire department does a great job controlling things which is why only a couple of rooms burned. And now you must deal with the aftermath. Quite frankly, it is a tough task as you are dealing with an insurance company that wants to keep its costs down, while you are working to get your money’s worth.

Honestly, there’s a small profit for a major insurance company in dealing with your fire. For them, it is almost a no-brainer. They will likely try to nickel-and-dime you while they stretch things out to the point where you have to settle with them so you can pay something. This is where Prosperity Public Adjustors comes in to help the homeowner.

We help you stand up to your insurance provider so that what might have been the story of a significant firm walking over a client is now equal as the playing fields have shifted. So, that even though the insurance firm, which has always done business by taking advantage of a situation, no longer has that advantage. Indeed, a consultation with Prosperity Adjusters is your first move, once the smoke has cleared.

Let’s say the fire damage is a bit more extensive than just two rooms; they can look over your property to find out just how much damage you do have.

Not only do they check for the apparent damage, but the also check for things that are not apparent. For instance, one of the major problems after a smaller fire where you are trying to rebuild is mold. Mold finds its way into attics, floors and crawl spaces, not places you are likely to check. During one of the consultations with us we will search those spaces trying to locate and clean up the mold problem. From this, you can see just why you have to involve a public adjuster almost from the moment the firemen wrap up, store their hoses and roll away. After that point, you are, like a tightrope walker, without a net, alone and exposed while you are trying to take care of this issue and
still live your life.

At Prosperity Public Adjusters, we are there to make sure you have the net so that you get what you need and deserve without having to hop through hoops and rings that don’t need to exist.

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