Mold Damage Insurance Claims

Welcome to Prosperity Property Adjusters, your leading Insurance Claims Company in Palm Beach County, Florida. For several years now, our company has been helping clients who have suffered property damage to get the compensation they deserve. From broken pipes, to collapse building, fire damage all through to mold damage claims, there’s much we can offer clients.

We can easily maneuver through the confusing and overwhelming process and make it possible for the client to acquire claims and restore property. With an outstanding reputation and track record in mold damage claims, our advocates can never disappoint at any time.

Our Key Services Mold Damage Claims Services

When housing property roof is blown off during a storm or when a pipes bursts or when a spring leaks water into the house, it’s the responsibility of the insurance company to compensate any of these. In fact, the insurance company is responsible for cleaning up the damage and should ensure repairs are done as soon as possible. At Prosperity Property Adjusters, our commitment is in ensuring clients get maximum compensation on any damage caused by water, especially one that results in mold occurrence in a house.

Our main mold damage claims services include the following:

Toxic Mold Damage Claims
Exposure to house molds can be extremely dangerous and it should not be taken lightly. Toxic mold can cause severe health problems like asthma, breathing problems among other respiratory problems. When your property develops mold due to exposure to water, you have the right to receive compensation as covered under the water damage policy. As difficult as the mold claim process might seem, our experts will always find a way of moving with you through the process to ensure your house is fully repaired and restored.

Residential and Commercial Property Mold Damage
At Prosperity Property Adjusters, we are committed to helping homeowners, business property owners and condo tenants get through mold damage claims successfully. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bungalow, condo flat, beach house, master planned community housing or modular housing. So long as the mold damage is covered in the policy of the insurance company you’re insured with, we will always move with speed to ensure you get what you deserve. Our experts are highly experienced in mold damage claims, so clients can be assured of getting the highest compensation in terms of repairs.

Free Consultation Services
For property owners or tenants who want to press for mold damage claims, we are here to help. We begin the process by providing free consultation so as to understand what we’re up to. Upon gathering the relevant information from you, we will visit the site, carry out investigation and get the compensation process going. Ideally, our experts will take over the entire claim process to ensure the concerned insurance company is responsible for compensating the mold damage.

Why Choose Us?
– We are a fully licensed Property Adjusting Company in Florida
– All our in-house experts boast of several years of combined experience
– We boast of an A+ Rating by the BBB Accredited Business
– We provide services at very competitive prices
– Our experts always respond fast to client request to ensure claims are processed in time
– We cover more than 12 prime areas in throughout Florida

For expert mold damage claims help, call or send us an email to get the process started. Our prices are very competitive, which assures every client value for money.