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About Prosperity Public Adjusters

Prosperity Public Adjusters is a small family owned firm whose main purpose and mission is to represent home and business owners before, during and after a property damage claim. Here at Prosperity Public Adjusters, we know all too well how stressful insurance claims can be, and how complicated the process is made by most insurance carriers. We aim to take all that stress off your shoulders by handling the entirety of the claim, from filing, all the way through to settlement and everything in between.

Prosperity Public Adjusters prides itself in providing dedicated and individualized representation to each and every one of our clients. As mentioned before, we are a small family owned firm and we strive to make every client feel like a member of our family. We guarantee that your call will always be answered by the Adjuster handling your claim, and not a random assistant that may view your case as simply a number on a file. We take each and every case personal because we know that to our clients that’s exactly what it is, personal.

Remember, the insurance has an adjuster representing them, shouldn’t you be doing the same?

Cesar Grisales


Cesar is the owner and founder of Prosperity Public Adjusters. He created the firm 13 years ago, after spending two years working for large public adjuster firm and identifying the need for more personalized representation when it came to claims adjusting. In starting his own firm, Cesar had one main goal, to represent property owners against their insurance, and ensure that their individual needs were being met during a time of severe stress. Cesar brings to the table over 15 years of Public Adjuster experience to the table which have prepared him to handle claims quickly and effectively. His dedication to his job and his clients make him stand out from the competition and ensure that every client walks away with the compensation they deserve.

Andres is the other owner and partner of Prosperity Public Adjusters, having joined the firm in 2019. Andres is in charge of overseeing and developing the Florida Panhandle branch of Prosperity Public Adjusters. Andres’ 9 years of service in the US Army, first as an Infantry Officer deployed to Afghanistan and then as team leader for one of the US Army’s Special Operations Forces team deploying to various countries around South America, have prepared him to handle every situation calmly, strategically and most importantly with the tenacity required achieve the desired outcomes for his clients.

Andres Grisales

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