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How Our Process Works

You’ve paid your insurance company for years so don’t settle for less than what you’ve paid for now that it’s their turn to take care of you. We’ll fight to get you the full relief that your insurance policy has promised you.

A study performed by The Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) determined that policy holders who use a Public Adjuster receive a 747% higher claim pay-out than those who choose to file their claims alone. That number is astounding.

Our Process

Contact Us + FREE Inspection

All you need to do is call or email us! We can schedule an appointment to assess your damages and go over your policy. You can also fill out our Free Property Inspection form to get started.

File the Claim

We notify your Insurance company, send the proper forms and our damage estimate. Usually this is when they send out their staff adjuster to write up an estimate on their behalf. We meet with them at your property, you can decide to be there or not. Vacation homes are something we see quite often, so it's OK if you can't be there.


After it's been determined that there is adequate damage and a "case", a contract is signed. No fine print or fancy wording, just a contract to say you give us permission to represent you and to speak with the Insurance company on your behalf.

Negotiate the Claim*

After the staff adjuster's estimate is turned into the Insurance company, they dictate what will be paid on your claim. This begins the negotiations, and we do all of this for you. It can range from a few days to a few months depending on the company. Our staff is in touch with them nearly every day to ensure their diligence and swift resolution. You can see all notes and status updates in our 24/7 Client Access log.

Retrieve Data

The next step is to "scope" the property including taking pictures, measurements, and other information about the damages. This can be done the same day of your free inspection or when you're ready. We work 6 days a week, so we are flexible for your schedule.

Fight + Settle the Claim

Finally there will be an agreement for a fair allotment. Within days the Insurance company usually issues a check by mail to you and your PA to cover your damages and costs. Rarely, when the Insurance company refuses to concede, the claim can move into a phase called appraisal or eventually litigation (but more than 95% of these court cases rule in favor of the property owner). To learn more about what appraisal is, click here.

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