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Public Insurance Adjuster, Boca Raton

Get Maximum Payout with Prosperity Public Adjusters
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Public Adjuster in Boca Raton, Florida

As your insurance claim adjusters, we get on the job as soon as we get your request. 


Don’t worry about getting your insurance claims adjusted because our services include everything from filing to settlement. 


Here’s what you to expect from us - 


  • Starting a new claim

  • Continuing an existing claim

  • Filing a well-researched claim 

  • Finding ways to maximize payout

  • Going through all the policy documents

  • Collecting the required documents

  • Liaising with the insurance company


Hire licensed and bonded insurance claim adjusters in Boca Raton and reduce stress.


Avoid having your claims rejected. Avoid receiving a lower payment.

How we help as your Public Insurance Adjuster, Boca Raton

To achieve the highest compensation, each type of claim requires a distinct approach and level of knowledge.

We can help you get the best payout for  -

Water damage

Adjust insurance claims for water damage from leaks and busted pipes. We also work with black water loss.

Wind damage

For storms, commercial property losses, and damage to your personal property, we obtain the greatest coverage.

Fire damage

Obtain insurance reimbursement for both partial and extensive fire damage.


We establish the degree of damage and losses to make a straightforward and rapid insurance claim.

Roof Claim

As public adjusters for roof claims, we get you a settlement for both obvious and hidden damages.

Mold Damage

We work to establish your damages and submit the necessary insurance claims for you.

Get the coverage you’re entitled to, now. 

Maximum Payout with Public Adjuster in Boca Raton

One of the finest choices you can make for unanticipated losses and property damages is to hire a public adjuster.


Do you know the value of your claim? We help you with a fair evaluation of your damages.


As your insurance public adjusters in Boca Raton, we work to make sure your insurance claims are paid out as much as possible.


We always pay personalized attention to your case as your insurance claim adjusters. 


According to OPPAGA, policyholders who hired public insurance adjusters received an estimated $9,379 on their claim, compared to $1,391 for those policyholders that did not use a public adjuster. This is a difference of 574%. 


Why get less when you can get more? 


Our Process

Contact Us

Getting started is easy. Give us a call or fill out a form to schedule an appointment assessing your property damages and policy coverage.

Evaluation & Filing

We assess the property on a date that fits your schedule. File the claim with your insurance company, sending proper forms and our damage estimate.

Negotiate *

This is when the Insurance Company sends out their staff adjuster to write up an estimate on their behalf. This begins the negotiations*, and we do all of this for you.


There will be an agreement for a fair allotment. The Insurance company usually issues a check by mail to you and your PA to cover your damages and costs.

Your Trusted Public Insurance Adjuster in Boca Raton for Roof Claims And More

We will listen patiently to your case and help you get the best redressal. 


Get the maximum claim from your insurance provider even if you have already begun the claim


We will take over.


Let us get you the maximum payout for your claims - catastrophe and non-catastrophe. 


We only get paid once we get you a fair settlement for your damages. 


Decrease stress. Increase Payout.

Office in North Florida and South Florida

Image of the state of Florida

North Florida Office  561 452-6275

South Florida Office  561 452-6332

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