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Licensed and Bonded Public Adjuster, Jupiter

Get Maximum Payout with Prosperity Public Adjusters
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Hire Licensed Public Insurance Claims Adjuster in Jupiter

Your insurance company hires an insurance adjuster, why shouldn’t you?

Hire us to carefully review each and every one of your documents. Get a fair estimate of what your claim is worth. 

With great attention to detail and dedicated effort, we go through all your documents.

Rely on us to -

  • Read the loss report.

  • Go over the policy.

  • Talk to the insured.

  • Obtain a recorded declaration.

  • Put together a loss proof.

While you regain control of your life, we'll make sure you receive the full reward after following all the essential steps.

Call 561-452-6332 for a FREE claim consultation

How a Public Adjuster in Jupiter helps

Let us handle your insurance claims as your public adjuster in Jupiter, from beginning to end. 

Only expect the best when you choose Prosperity Public Adjusters with -

Maximum Payout 

Our public adjusters are skilled experts who look for ways to increase the settlement.

Dedicated Attention

As your public adjuster, we will pay close attention to your case and carefully review all the paperwork.

Professional Filing

Due to our extensive knowledge of the processes, our knowledgeable personnel can file your claims more effectively.

Standard Payments

Only after your claim is resolved and you have received the compensation for your damages do we charge our normal 20% fee.


With our many years of knowledge, insurance claim handlers are better able to identify gaps.

Reduce Stress

Stress comes from managing damage and dealing with shock. We relieve you of the burden of handling claims.

Why settle for less when you can get more?

Insurance Claims Handlers Expertise

If you are a policyholder and wish to file or have already filed a claim, we are your licensed public adjusters in Jupiter who will gather evidence and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.

Public Adjuster for Roof Claim

Prosperity Public Adjusters is perfect as your public adjuster for a roof claim. We will assist you in obtaining the maximum payout for obvious and hidden damages.

Water Damage Adjuster

Modify your insurance claims for water damage from leaks and broken pipes. We manage black water losses as water damage adjusters with decades of experience.

Mold Damage Adjuster

Get the settlement you deserve for mold-related structural damage. We will negotiate on your behalf as your mold damage adjusters.

Theft and Vandalism

If you have vandalism and theft insurance coverage, we can assist you to show the extent of the damage and obtain the maximum payout for repairs and loss.

Adjuster for Fire Damage

We are your qualified fire damage claim adjusters in Jupiter for both minor and substantial fire damage.

Wind Damage Adjuster
Hire our public insurance adjusters to get claims settled for both catastrophic and non-catastrophic wind/hurricane damage.

Denied Claims
Even if your insurance provider has refused your claims, we will reopen your case or file another claim.

We will ensure that you receive a fair payment as your insurance claim handler. Regain control of your life and leave all your insurance claim worries to us. 

Call 561-452-6332 for a FREE claim consultation

Our Process

Contact Us

Getting started is easy. Give us a call or fill out a form to schedule an appointment assessing your property damages and policy coverage.

Evaluation & Filing

We assess the property on a date that fits your schedule. File the claim with your insurance company, sending proper forms and our damage estimate.

Negotiate *

This is when the Insurance Company sends out their staff adjuster to write up an estimate on their behalf. This begins the negotiations*, and we do all of this for you.


There will be an agreement for a fair allotment. The Insurance company usually issues a check by mail to you and your PA to cover your damages and costs.

Minimum Stress. Maximum Payout.

We are your trusted, licensed local public insurance claims adjusters in Miami. 

We understand the full extent of the damages and the repair costs. 

Hire us to ensure that you get full compensation for your loss. 

Damage to property is quite a shock. Let us minimize your shock by getting you the maximum payout. 

Hire commercial public adjuster in Jupiter, Florida

Do you intend to make an insurance claim? Have you submitted a claim already?


For enterprises and commercial properties, our insurance adjusting services are ideal.


For greater payout, choose certified commercial public adjusters in Jupiter to handle your insurance claims.


We will negotiate your claim for you and gather proof to support it.


In research by OPPAGA, it was seen that policyholders who utilized public adjusters for non-catastrophe claims got an estimated $9,379 on their claim, as opposed to those who did not (a difference of $574%).

Call 561-452-6332 for a FREE claim consultation

Office in North Florida and South Florida

Image of the state of Florida

North Florida Office  561 452-6275

South Florida Office  561 452-6332

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