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Public Insurance Adjuster, West Palm Beach

Get Maximum Payout with Prosperity Public Adjusters
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Licensed Insurance Claim Handlers in West Palm Beach

We represent home and business owners before, during and after a property damage claim.
As your public insurance adjuster, we will handle everything from filing to settlement. 

Hire a public adjuster if:

  • Your claim is large or damage is severe

  • If you find working with insurance companies stressful

  • If you’ve had a poor claims experience in the past

  • You are too busy to correspond with your insurance company

  • If you feel that claim settlement is too low

We will listen to your case with full attention and find ways to get you maximum benefit as a policyholder.

Only talk to the handler adjusting your claim, no other assistants, for maximum efficiency and minimum loss of information.

Call 561-452-6332 for a FREE claim consultation

How we work as a Public Adjuster in West Palm Beach

As your trusted, licensed, and bonded public adjusters in West Palm Beach, we will handle your case from beginning to end. 

Rely on us to -

Start a New Claim

We will file a new claim on your behalf with your insurance company claiming a just settlement.

Maximize Payout 

We will get you the maximum payout for your damages as per your insurance policy. 

Continue Existing Claim

If you have already filed a claim, been denied or given a low payout, we will modify the claims.

Collect Proof of Damage

We’ll gather proof of damage and file it professionally enabling better payout. 

File Well-Researched Claims

Our expertise allows us to find minute details in your policy enabling us to file a better insurance claim for you. 


We’ll negotiate with your insurance company to get you the payout you deserve. 

Why settle for less when you can get more?

Leverage our Insurance Claims Adjusters’ Expertise

We are your dependable insurance claims adjusters who gather evidence and negotiate your claims for for you.  


We fulfill these roles for you  - 


Public Adjuster for Roof Claim

Prosperity Public Adjusters are the best if you need a public adjuster for a roof claim. We will negotiate with your insurance company to secure you the maximum payout for both visible and hidden losses.


Water Damage Adjuster

Modify your insurance claims to account for leaks and damaged pipes that result in water damage. As water damage adjusters with decades of expertise, we can also handle black water losses.


Damage Adjuster for Mold

Obtain the maximum payout for mold-related structural damage. We will engage in negotiations with your insurance company as your mold damage adjusters on your behalf.


Vandalism and Theft

We prove the full extent of the amount of damage and obtain a just payout for repairs.  if you have an insurance policy that covers damages by vandalism and theft, we will try to get the maximum payout.


Adjuster for Fire Damage
For both, little and major fire damage in West Palm Beach, we are your go-to licensed and bonded fire damage adjusters.


Adjuster for Wind Damage 
Let us adjust your wind/hurricane claims and get you the maximum payout for the damage sustained. 


Get Denied Claims Accepted
Even if your insurance provider has denied your claims, we will refile the case and submit a new claim.

We will make sure that you receive a just settlement as your insurance claim adjuster.


Our Process

Contact Us

Getting started is easy. Give us a call or fill out a form to schedule an appointment assessing your property damages and policy coverage.

Evaluation & Filing

We assess the property on a date that fits your schedule. File the claim with your insurance company, sending proper forms and our damage estimate.

Negotiate *

This is when the Insurance Company sends out their staff adjuster to write up an estimate on their behalf. This begins the negotiations*, and we do all of this for you.


There will be an agreement for a fair allotment. The Insurance company usually issues a check by mail to you and your PA to cover your damages and costs.

Your Public Insurance Adjuster for Roof Claims and Water Damage And More

We carefully review each and every one of your documents in minute detail.


  • Check out the loss notification.

  • Go through the policy terms.

  • Meet the insured.

  • Obtain a recorded declaration.

  • Put together the loss proof.


While you regain control of your life, we'll make sure you receive the maximum settlement possible after completing all the essential steps.


Let us get you the maximum payout for catastrophe and non-catastrophe claims.

Call 561-452-6332 for a FREE claim consultation

Office in North Florida and South Florida

Image of the state of Florida

North Florida Office  561 452-6275

South Florida Office  561 452-6332

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